Chechnya’s Kadyrov Slams Pompeo’s Sanctions, Threatens to Retaliate

Head of Russia’s Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has banned U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from entering the region, he announced at a meeting in Grozny on Friday, TASS reported.

On July 20, the U.S. State Department imposed visa sanctions against Kadyrov, his wife and daughters.

“I invited Mr. Pompeo to visit, but now in front of everyone I am saying that I don’t have the right to do it. <…> That’s it, I am revoking the invitation and announcing the imposition of all sanctions against him that the region has, including blocking all his accounts. They did the same thing to me,” he specified.

The head of Chechnya expressed his outrage at the recent sanctions imposed against his family members.

“If I committed a crime, what do my children have to do with it? Where is it written that married daughters are responsible for their father’s sins. What does my wife, who doesn’t get involved in politics or anything, have to do with it? This is ridiculous. They just began their election campaigning,” Kadyrov stressed.

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