Turkey-Syria Tensions on Border Increase Russia’s Concerns

Russia is concerned over the tensions arising in the area of the Turkish-Syrian border under the control of Ankara, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a commentary published on the ministry’s website on Thursday, TASS reported.

“We are concerned over the periodical spikes in tensions in the area of the Syrian-Turkish border, currently under the control of Ankara,” she pointed out.

On April 28, a blast took place in Syria’s Afrin to the northeast of the Aleppo province, killing 40 people, including 11 children, and injuring 47. Turkey blamed Kurdish forces for the attack.

“We strongly condemn terrorist attacks that claim the lives of civilians. In this regard, we would like to stress once again that there is no alternative to continuing the fight against terrorists in Syria, recognized as such by the UN Security Council,” Zakharova said, commenting on the terrorist attack in Afrin.

The Russian diplomat stressed that this territory must return under the control of Damascus in the end. “We are confident that establishing lasting and longterm stability and security in the area of the Syrian-Turkish border and in the country, on the whole, is only possible based on the recovery of its sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity,” she stressed.

The Syrian town of Afrin was occupied by the Turkish forces in March 2018 during a Turkish operation against the Kurdish forces in the region.

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