Number of Social Enterprises Amounts to Around 50,000 in Russia in One Year

The term of social entrepreneurship was officially introduced in Russia exactly a year ago, on July 26, whereas now the number of such enterprises stands at around 50,000, President of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce Sergey Katyrin told TASS.

“Today there are around 50,000 companies involved in social entrepreneurship in Russia,” he said, adding that they “provide goods and services at minimum prices” to those who need help and support, which “was a saving for many of them amid the coronavirus-related restrictions.”

On July 26, 2019 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law fixing the term of social entrepreneurship, which combines the tasks of business and charity. The special status provides entrepreneurs implementing an important social mission with prior support of the state.

That is envisioned by the National Project ‘Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support of entrepreneurship initiative’.

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