Naftogaz to Demand $17.3bn from Gazprom in New Lawsuits: CEO

Naftogaz is preparing for additional lawsuits against Russia’s Gazprom for $17.3 billion, the CEO of Ukraine’s state gas company Yuriy Vitrenko has said, according to Ukrinform.

“I do not like the idea of commenting on rumors about anyone’s intentions, but if someone had to comment, it would be better if I did not in this situation. But, for my part, I can say that arbitration against Russia over assets in Crimea is not the main area of my responsibility at Naftogaz,” Vitrenko wrote this on his Facebook page.

“Speaking of the updated lawsuit we filed this year, I was only responsible for the economic component, that is, for the amount of compensation. My main responsibility as the executive director is relations with Gazprom. Last December, on behalf of Naftogaz, I signed with them a transit contract with a guaranteed income of $7.2 billion,” he added.

According to the CEO, he continues to work on the contract not being broken and Gazprom not being exempted from the payment of $7.2 billion, even if it does not supply gas for transit. Gazprom’s commitments are envisaged by the ‘pump or pay’ principle that was enshrined in a new contract.

“In addition, my team clearly formulated and presented additional ‘questions’ to Gazprom for the total amount of $17.3 billion and submitted them for approval to the Naftogaz supervisory board. If they are approved, there is also a lot of work ahead,” Vitrenko added.

Media reports said on April 7 that Naftogaz was looking for someone to replace Vitrenko. The company is allegedly actively seeking a specialist who could deal with a lawsuit against Russia in The Hague tribunal regarding the expropriation of assets of PJSC Chornomornaftogaz.

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