Mishustin: No Food Supply Disruptions in Russia amid Pandemic

Russia’s supermarkets are not experiencing any disruptions in the food supply chain, and the sowing season is also advancing as planned despite the coronavirus pandemic, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Monday at a video conference State Duma MPs, KP.ru reports.

The prime minister highlighted the results achieved by Russian agriculture achieved in the recent years.

“Even now when certain industries experience lower activity levels, the sowing season is going ahead as planned. Meanwhile, shops do not have any stock supply disruptions despite the recent influx of demand,” he stressed.

Overall, Mishustin lauded the results of the past few years in Russian agriculture as “truly impressive.” “They are large harvests, successful resolution of tasks faced by the national food security and export growth of agricultural raw materials and production,” he noted.

The prime minister underlined that the government is “constantly working on the issues of agricultural development.”

Mishustin reminded that the cabinet had earlier approved the 2030 agricultural and fishing complexes development strategy.

“We expect State Duma deputies to take active part in implementing it,” the prime minister addressed MPs. “I am certain that you have your own proposals on what legislative initiatives and what measures we should take to help our agricultural workers.”

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