Labor Minister: People Working from Home Should Get Same Salaries

The transition of many Russians to remote work while maintaining the full scope of responsibilities should not mean they get paid less, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Anton Kotyakov said on Tuesday, according to

“Salaries with remote employment while maintaining the entire amount of the job duties assigned to the employee should be preserved. There should not be any reduction,” he said.

Kotyakov noted that the situation on the labor market is now also stable, back pay number, are not growing.

“To date, this amount exceeds 2 billion rubles ($25.4 million). And over the past week, that number has decreased by 44 million rubles (560,000),” he added.

“The government and the ministry are taking a number of measures, we have developed a draft government decree to support the situation on the labor market. Such a project has been developed and submitted in accordance with the plan signed by the prime minister,” Deputy Minister of Labor Vsevolod Vukolov said at a meeting of the Committee on Social Policy in the Federation Council (upper house of parliament).

“First of all, we propose to consider the temporary employment of workers at risk of dismissal – the introduction of a part-time regime, as well as the organization of public works for such workers. We offer advanced vocational training and internships for workers, reimbursement of the employer for the costs of partial remuneration from the number of those laid off,” he said.

According to him, it is proposed to stimulate the creation of unemployed citizens who have opened their own business, additional jobs for the employment of unemployed citizens. “We plan that about 67 thousand people will be involved in these measures, while such a forecast,” said Vukolov.

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