Croatian Company’s Business Grows with Russian Car Industry Boost

Croatian company AD Plastik Group has contracted new deals for the Russian and European markets worth $35 million in total, Total Croatia News reported.

Additional jobs for the Renault-Nissan-AvtoVAZ alliance in Russia worth $24.7 million have been contracted, and cooperation with France’s PSA Group is continuing on the European market, with which new jobs with a total value of $10.7 million have been contracted.

The AD Plastik Togliatti plant in Russia will produce shock absorbers and exterior pillar trims for the new Lada Grant model and lower bumper grilles for the new Renault Logan iSandero models. These are additional jobs for new Alliance vehicle models that were initially contracted back in 2019.

The start of batch production of these vehicle models is planned for the second and third quarters of 2021, with an estimated duration of eight years. 16.7 million worth of new deals have been agreed for the Lada Grant vehicle and $8.1 million for the new Renault models, which is excellent news for this large Croatian company.

”The new jobs contracted with the PSA Group are a confirmation of the very successful status of the AD Plastik Group in the panel of suppliers of this reputable automaker. The AD Plastik Group factory in Mladenovac has contracted the production of glass guides for Opel Astra, the best-selling Opel vehicle, with a total value of $6.4 million. The start of batch production is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021, with an estimated project duration of eight years,” the highly successful Croatian company AD Plastik stated.

The factory will produce exterior parts, namely the upper grilles, which will be installed on the Fiat Ducato and Opel Vivaro, vehicles from the FCA and PSA group. This Croatian company will be producing parts for these commercial vehicles for the first time, with a contract value of $2.4 million in total.

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