Russia’s Aeroflot Wants to Use up to 200 MC-21 and SSJ 100 Passenger Jets by 2026

Aeroflot plans using 200 Russian SSJ 100 and MC-21 passenger jets by 2026, the company said in its annual report. The aircraft fleet in total is planned to be expanded from 360 as of 2019 year-end to about 520.

“200 domestically produced SSJ 100 and MC-21 airplanes should become operational by 2026,” the airline says. “The fleet should amount to approximately 520 airplanes to deliver the target passenger traffic,” the company said as quoted by TASS.

As reported in July, Aeroflot plans to receive eight SSJ 100 jets in this year and 14 more in 2021 within the framework of the contract for supply of 100 airplanes of this model to be delivered by 2026. The company also holds a firm contract for 50 MC-21 jets and an option for 35 aircraft bore.

Aeroflot is also using Boeing 777 and 737 models and Airbus A350, A330, A321 and A320 planes.

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