Russia Restricts Visas for Iranians amid Coronavirus Epidemic

Russia has imposed limitations on issuing visas for Iranian nationals, because of the coronavirus outbreak, country’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova announced on Wednesday, according to RBC.

Starting from Feb. 28, only humanitarian and business types visas will be allowed for Iranians, Golikova said at a news conference in Moscow.

“From Feb. 28, we introduce a ban on issuing transit visas from Iran, as well as a ban on issuing visas other than business and humanitarian ones,” she said.

On Wednesday, the death toll from the coronavirus in Iran rose to 19, the Iranian Health Ministry said.

Meanwhile, Russia has reduced air traffic with South Korea, and only two Russian airlines — Aeroflot and Aurora — will carry out flights to the country, Golikova said.

In addition, the country’s government expanded the existing restrictions, including closure of the borders with China and Mongolia until April 1, she added.

Golikova went on saying that Russia had got the coronavirus strain, the specialists have created and have been testing five vaccine prototypes.

“We have the strain, we got it. Our state scientific center, and at the same time, a world-class genetic center which received this status last year, are now working very seriously on developing a vaccine,” Golikova said.

The coronavirus has sounded global alarm, with China reporting on Wednesday over 2,700 deaths and more than 78,000 confirmed cases.

Outside mainland China, the coronavirus has spread to more than 30 other countries including the U.S., Italy, France, Germany, U.K., Singapore, Russia, and India.

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