Moldova sees more than triple y/y tourism growth

In the first nine months of 2022, there were 259,100 foreign visitors who stayed in Moldova, more than a triple year-over-year growth, according to the nation’s statistics office, SeeNews reported.

According to a statement from the statistics office, BNS, over half of the 121,800 foreign visitors who came to the nation during the first quarter came from Ukraine, followed by Romania, Romania, the United States, and 3.2% from Russia.

From January through September, tourists reserved 1.052 million overnight stays in Moldova, nearly double the amount from the previous year. A total of 311,700 nights were reserved by foreign visitors, more than four times the amount from the previous year.

An average Moldovan visitor remained in the nation’s lodging facilities for 6.4 days during the first nine months, compared to an average stay of 3.6 days for visitors from other countries.

2021 saw a doubling of overnight visitors to Moldova, at 178,200.

In other news, Larisa Miculeț, the Moldovan ambassador to Ireland, is paying a visit to Tipperary. During her trip, she will meet with representatives of the county council as well as local tourism, in addition to business and agriculture, Tipperary Live reported.

The ambassador will get to know some of the 300 Moldovans who call Nenagh home and work there.

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