Aeroflot Flight from Moscow Takes U.S. Nationals Home

A flight by Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot carrying U.S. nationals home has left Moscow for New York on Tuesday, the United States embassy in Moscow said on Tuesday, according to RBC.

“The U.S. Embassy is relieved that the Aeroflot’s commercial flight to NYC has left Moscow filled with U.S. citizens who purchased tickets to return home. We are truly grateful to all who helped get this flight in the air,” the embassy’s spokeswoman Rebecca Ross wrote on the embassy’s Twitter account.

Nothing was said about how many people were onboard the plane.

The flight was originally scheduled for April 3 but was cancelled.

According to Aeroflot’s timetable, the SU1701 flight was to take off from Moscow at 14:15 Moscow time but was delayed to 18:50 and finally took off at 19:11.

Meanwhile, a special Austrian Airlines flight with foreign citizens on board has taken off from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport for Vienna, the airport’s press service said on Tuesday.

“Upon agreement with the Russian air transport authorities, Austrian Airlines performs a special flight from Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) to Vienna on April 7 to evacuate foreign citizens from Russia’s territory,” it said.

Austria’s embassy in Moscow told TASS that the flight would take about 100 nationals of ten European states.

Austrian Airlines suspended regular services over the novel coronavirus pandemic from April 2 to May 3.

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