Sberbank CEO: AI-Related Jobs to Be in Demand in Future

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to the rise of new occupations, such as biomedical engineers, neural information specialists, and neuro interface designers, the CEO of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, Herman Gref said on Wednesday, according to

“Technologies in today’s world are the dominating factor determining all the other things — politics, the economy, social life, society, and the daily life of each citizen. Artificial intelligence, from our point of view, is a key long-term technology that will drive all other technologies, without exception. Any individual, whatever he is dealing with, shall master artificial intelligence technology. Simple majors will soon be excluded from the list of professions with the aid of the artificial intelligence,” Gref noted.

Occupations such as biomedical engineers, neuroinformatic specialists, and neuro interface designers will enjoy huge demand in the future because of the evolution of artificial intelligence, the banking executive emphasized.

Gref believes that all people should own artificial intelligence technology since simple specialties will soon be removed from the list of professions. According to the head of Sberbank, technology is the “dominant factor that determines politics, economics, social life, society and the life of every citizen.”

The list of professions of the future, compiled by Gref, also included the specialties of neuroinformatics, robotics engineers, nano engineers, neuro interface designers, specialists in the application of artificial intelligence in medicine, and designers of medical robots.

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