Russian Fast Fashion Brand LIMÉ Partners with Silicon Valley Firm Centric Software

One of Russia’s biggest fast fashion companies, LIMÉ, and Centric Software have signed a deal for the Silicon Valley-based firm’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, the two companies said in a press release.

Centric Software describes itself as “providing innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury, home décor, and consumer goods companies which aim to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.”

LIMÉ is Centric Software’s first customer in Russia, marking further growth and geographic expansion for the U.S. company.

Founded in 2008, LIMÉ is a fast-fashion brand, selling on-trend, luxury-inspired combinable garments at affordable prices. The company has 80 retail stores across Russia, with plans to expand further in the region as well as internationally. Now incorporating Centric’s industry-leading best practices and innovative technologies, LIMÉ says it “aims to become the number one fast fashion brand in Russia.”

Dmitriy Khokhlov, CEO of LIMÉ, explains that the company decided to implement a PLM solution to provide a foundation for its ambitious growth strategy by streamlining information access and communication across the organization:

“We have invested in a lot of cutting-edge IT infrastructure and business intelligence tools for planning, but with all departments using different IT tools we suffered from a lack of transparency, out of date information, slow data handling and poor communication with our suppliers. Centric Fashion PLM will provide us with a central platform to orchestrate product-related information in order to increase the speed of product development, improve cooperative work across internal teams and enhance collaboration with suppliers. To expand in a fast and sustainable way, a modern PLM solution is crucial in order to get everyone on the same page.”

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