Launch Pad for Angara Rocket to Be Sent to Vostochny Next Month

A launch pad for Russia’s advanced Angara Rocket will be sent to the Vostochny space center in Russia’s Far East in July via the Northern Sea Route, the Center For Operation Of Ground Based Space Infrastructure (TsENKI) said in a video uploaded to YouTube, TASS informs.

“Already in July, the Barents cargo ship, carrying the launch pad <…> will embark upon its journey along the Northern Sea Route,” the video says.

The vessel will travel in waters of the Arctic Ocean, the Bering Strait, the Bering and Okhotsk Seas to enter the Far Eastern port of Sovetskaya Gavan. There, the cargo will be loaded on a tow boat for delivery to the Vostochny space center via the Amur and Zeya rivers. The launch pad is expected to arrive to Vostochny by September.

Earlier, Russian space corporation Roscosmos said in a video posted on its Twitter page that works to install the Angara launch pad are to begin on September 1.

According to Roscosmos, the bulk of works on the construction of phase one facilities of Vostochy spaceport are over and works on phase two facilities began in June 2019. The construction is expected to be completed by late 2022 to ensure the first launch of an Angara-A5 carrier rocket in 2023.

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