Russian Ports to Start Collecting Investment Charge in 2020

Collection of the investment charge in Russian ports will start in 2020, head of the Federal Maritime and River Transport Agency (Rosmorrechflot) Alexander Poshivai told reporters on Friday, TASS reports.

“It was approved in thirteen ports of our country and we will accordingly start working with the already approved investment charge. Certainly [the charge collection will start this year – TASS],” the official said.

“Concerning the investment charge, it has been introduced in just 13 of our 67 ports, that is, it was enacted exactly where needed,” Podshivai said. Its effect on the cost of ship calls will not be significant in ports where the charge is introduced, he added.

In May 2019, the decree was signed setting rules of collecting the investment port charge from ship-owners. Received funds are planned to be allocated for renovation and construction of facilities included into the comprehensive plan of mainline infrastructure upgrade and development.

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