Railway Passenger Transportation Expected to Recover in Fall

Passenger transportation in rail transport is possible this fall – provided that the second wave of the pandemic does not come to Russia, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Tokarev told reporters on Saturday, TASS reported.

“Now the decline in suburban area reaches – 71%, long-distance – 74% year-on-year. The question is how we will lift quarantine, how fast it will be and whether there will be a second or third wave of the pandemic. It is impossible to predict, but recovery will take some time. I think if we lift it as planned, there will be no [second] wave, and then passenger transportation will be restored by the fall,” he said.

Passenger traffic on all types of transport in Russia in April fell by 70-95%, Minister of Transport Yevgeny Dietrich said earlier at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the development of transport in the country.

Russian Railways’ passenger traffic in April 2020 decreased by almost 70% compared to April last year to 30.3 mln people.

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