New Plans Approved for Reconstruction of Sheremetyevo Runway-1

The General Board of State Expert Review (Glavgosexpertiza of the Russia) has approved plans for the reconstruction of Runway-1 at Sheremetyevo International Airport based on a revised design documentation and engineering survey.

Glavgosexpertiza of Russia had approved the design documentation and engineering survey in May 2019 for several stages of the reconstruction of the runway, which was built in 1953. The design calls for the runway’s top layer of cement concrete to be replaced with a leveling layer of new, lean-compression asphalt concrete 3,552.5 meters long and 60 meters wide. Runway-1 was closed in January 2020 for reconstruction and its load redistributed between independent Runway-2 and Runway-3.

In the course of the work, it was decided to make a number of changes to the design documentation, which required a new state experts’ review. In particular, the construction stages changed to four, information about the design objects of the airfield complex has been updated, MKP 244 approach lights have been added, the main indicators of land use have been changed, and the routing of engineering networks has been clarified.

The updated design documentation provides for the reconstruction of Runway-1 and connecting taxiways, the construction of high-speed taxiways, and the installation of a rigid pavement with an upper layer of high-quality cement concrete on all the designed elements of the airfield (instead of the previously designed non-rigid pavement). The design also includes replacement of the lighting system with MK pos – 64° lights for of Category I precision approach and with MK pos – 244° lights for Category I, II and IIIA precision approaches, installation of stop lights at all holding positions on all taxiways at Runway-1, replacement of side taxiing lights, and installation of centerline lights on separate lanes used in Category III precision-approach conditions.

Additionally, in accordance with the technical specifications for the operators, communication and power supply lines will be removed and rebuilt, engineering networks and communications within the airfield reconstruction zone will be reconstructed, Runway-1 will be equipped with an early-warning system for ice formation, and meteorological equipment sections and access roads from artificial Runway-1 to glide GRM-64° and GRM-244° slope transmitters will be built.

The developer is Sheremetyevo International Airport JSC (SVO JSC). The design documentation was revised by the general designer ENERGO-STROY LLC.

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