Nornickel Increased Spending for Environmental Projects in 2019

Russian nickel and palladium producer Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel) increased in 2019 investments in ecology projects by 21.6% to 39.5 billion rubles ($538 million), the company reported, according to 1-Line.

Nornickel’s industrial assets are located in Russia’s Norilsk Industrial District, on the Kola Peninsula and in the Trans-Baikal Region, as well as in Finland and South Africa.

“In 2019, Nornickel’s expenses on the environment made 39.3 billion rubles, which is by 21.6% more year-on-year. The biggest expenses were on the environment (21.6 billion rubles, or $294 million) and on capital investments, aimed at environment protection and rational use of natural resources (17 billion rubles, or $231 million),” the company said in an annual report.

According to the report, in 2019, the company’s enterprises cut emissions by 16% to 2.2 million tons.

Nornickel continues to upgrade its industrial enterprises on the Kola Peninsula and in the northern Krasnoyarsk Region and closes down ineffective assets. Under the program, the company plans to cut sulfur dioxide emissions on the Kola Peninsula by 85% to 2021, and by 90% in the Krasnoyarsk Region before 2025. The company’s program is a part of the Clean Air federal project.

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