‘If You See One Don’t Look It in The Eye’, Officials Warn of Wild Boars in Moscow

Wild boars have been spotted in some Moscow parks, the official website of the capital’s mayor reported Sunday, as cited by The Moscow Times.

While the advisory note said the beasts would not attack a person for no reason they warned that the animals are dangerous and capable of causing injury with their sharp fangs and strong front hooves.

“If you meet a boar don’t approach it and don’t look it in the eye … if you meet a whole herd stay away from the piglets,” the note said.

It added that the safest way to get away from a wild boar is to move away smoothly and slowly without drawing attention to yourself. An adult wild boar can run as fast as 40 kilometers (25 miles) an hour, and while its vision is poor it has a keen sense of smell.

The website gave no reason for the appearance of the wild boars, but said they are capable of traveling long distances in search of food.

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