Azerbaijan to supply Serbia with natural gas, electricity

The following year, Serbia intends to begin importing electricity and natural gas from Azerbaijan, with the continued use of Croatia for the supply of crude oil, Balkan Energy News reports.

The energy and finance ministers of Serbia, Dubravka Đedović and Siniša Mali, traveled to Azerbaijan as part of a team led by President Aleksandar Vui. While there, they had discussions with key government officials and business leaders on economic cooperation, especially energy.

Vučić said that following their meeting in Baku, the president and he talked about ways to strengthen ties so that Serbia could obtain power from Azerbaijan. Through a proposed cable beneath the Black Sea, it will be transported from Azerbaijan to Romania and Hungary.

The officials of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary, and Romania reached a deal on creating the interconnectivity a few days ago.

When the natural gas interconnectors between Serbia and North Macedonia and Serbia and Bulgaria are completed, Vučić disclosed that he and his colleague talked about how Serbia may obtain natural gas from Azerbaijan.

Energy is on the table for bilateral cooperation, according to President Aliyev, who also noted that his nation sells gas and power to Europe, including to some of Serbia’s neighbors.

Aliyev stated that Serbia and Azerbaijan are strategic allies and that measures will be implemented to allow Serbia to get power from Azerbaijan from the start of the next year.

Serbia may get the supplies from Azerbaijan to meet a third of its gas needs, claims Đedović.

After discussions with Azerbaijani authorities, she emphasized that when combined with the potential development of new gas plants, it implies more security and independence in the generation of power.

The head of the electricity firm Azerenerji Baba Rzayev, the ministers of energy Parviz Shahbazov, and the economy Mihail Jabarov, as well as officials of the oil and gas business SOCAR, were all interviewed by Đedović.

The minister predicted that the gas pipeline between Bulgaria and Serbia will be finished the following year, enabling Serbia to join the Southern Gas Corridor. She said it would improve the nation’s supply security.

Đedović claimed that when it came to importing energy, they talked about how to make sure that it got to Serbia via Bulgaria and Turkey. She stated that it will be ready for use by next winter. According to Đedović, the submarine connection will be crucial for Serbia as well.

Mali stated that during the upcoming weeks, the topic of building a new gas power plant in Serbia will be explored. He emphasized that as many investors in Serbia require that the power they use come from renewable sources, the subject would also be discussed in the negotiations with Azerbaijan.

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