Russia Creates Two-month Reserve of Food, Authorities Inform

The food reserve created in Russia will be enough for two months at the least, the Telegram channel of the Russian official coronavirus website sponsored by the Healthcare Ministry reported, citing data from the Ministry of Trade.

“The country has the food reserve for two months at the least and this volume is replenished on a ongoing basis,” the authorities said, according to Krasnaya Vesna.

The government also asked citizens not to create an artificial shortage when buying several times more than needed.

“However, the store shelves will be promptly replenished even in such a situation,” the website reports.

The Russian antimonopoly watchdog was tasked to monitor prices on essential goods in order to prevent spikes.

Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said this week that supermarkets are not experiencing any disruptions in the food supply chain, and the sowing season is also advancing as planned despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The prime minister underlined that the government is “constantly working on the issues of agricultural development.”

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