Norway Sells Russia More Fish Farming Tech in 2019: Report

Sales of Norwegian fish farming technology to Russia is booming, with exports increasing by 23 in one year and currently standing at 1.3 billion Norwegian crowns ($140 million), High North News writes.

Shipbuilding company Fiskerstrand says the Norwegian maritime sector can make good money from trading with Russia. Some 25 percent of its turnover now comes from Russian ship owners.

“Even though the level of Norwegian export is low compared with what it was in the time before the restrictive measures introduced in 2014, we are nevertheless very pleased that the increase continues,” says Jarle Forbord, Chair of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, which works to promote trade between Norway and Russia.

Figures from the group’s 2019 report show that Norwegian companies exported goods to Russia for more than 3 billion crowns ($323 million). This represents an increase of 23.1 percent from 2018. The increase is largest in particular in the areas of sales of machines and technical equipment for the maritime sector.

Measured in money, this export to Russia currently stands at $140 million, which represents a growth of more than 60 percent in one year.

The Chamber of Commerce has in recent years worked hard to increase export of Norwegian technology and equipment in the fish farming industry to Russia, and this work has now come to fruition, Forbord says.

“We have not seen such an increase in technical export in a long time. It is rather pleasant,” he says and emphasizes that the Chamber of Commerce is continuing to work to increase exports in the maritime sector.

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