USAID reveals new private partnerships to help Ukraine with grain exports


Three new collaborations have been launched by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to assist Ukraine in overcoming short- and long-term logistical issues related to exports brought on by Russia’s all-out conflict, USAID said in a press release.

A total of more than $44 million in investments are planned by USAID, Grain Alliance, Kernel, and Nibulon to promote storage and infrastructure development in Ukraine’s agricultural industry.

The improvements are expected to boost Ukraine’s economy and provide the world market with much-needed grain by increasing its ability to carry grains by more than 3.35 million tons annually.

The co-investments total more than $36 million from the three private sector partners and $8 million from USAID’s Agricultural Resilience Initiative-Ukraine (AGRI-Ukraine). Three terminals—Izmail and Reni in Ukraine, both on the Danube, and ierna nad Tisou in Slovakia—will enhance grain export operations as a result of the transshipment investments. Investments in Kernel and Nibulon address a variety of expansion requirements.

This covers the design and building necessary to upgrade the berths at the Port of Reni and increase the Port of Izmail’s operational capacity. The Grain Alliance will buy a transshipment storage facility in Slovakia, which will involve erecting silos and getting trucks and railcars for transportation.

With the help of USAID financing, refurbished locomotives, temporary storage facilities, and grain loading equipment are being purchased for use in Ukraine.

The foundation of the Ukrainian economy is agriculture, which contributes about 20% of GDP, 20% of the labor force, and more than 40% of all export earnings. Increased grain production, storage, and export capabilities, as well as price stabilization, are two goals of the USAID-led AGRI-Ukraine program.

In addition to assisting Ukraine’s struggling economy, AGRI-Ukraine works to address the global food security situation that has been made worse by Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. Critical agricultural supplies are provided by AGRI-Ukraine, which also supports farmers’ storage, drying, and processing needs. It also enhances export rail logistics and efficiency.

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