WFP market report on food prices in Tajikistan

wfp market

The majority of the markets in the current reporting period saw unchanged average food commodity prices compared to the previous week. In several of the markets that were being watched, the cost of chicken and beans also climbed.

In most marketplaces, egg prices are up 11% from the previous week, 23% from the previous month, and 38% from the previous year.

In six markets, the price of gas continued to fall by 1-6%; however, in Khorog, it rose by 26%. Compared to the previous week, the cost of diesel fuel declined by 1%.

The majority of markets saw constant wage labor rates compared to the previous week and month; only the Khujand market saw a 3% decline in unskilled wage rates. Gisar’s skilled laborers saw an 8% boost in pay.

WFP Tajikistan has been keeping an eye on market prices for goods around the nation in collaboration with the agricultural consulting group Neksigol Mushovir. Five big markets and ten minor markets are among the markets being watched. The primary goods that the country’s population consumes are the emphasis. At the start of each week, prices are collected. The network of field enumerators is used to gather the price information. The average prices are reported after many traders for each commodity are questioned.

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