Kyrgyz Ambassador and Uzbek’s FM Meet to Discuss Cooperation


On September 28, discussions took place between Musa Dzhamanbaev, the ambassador of Kyrgyzstan, and Furkat Sidikov, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Uzbekistan, Akipress informed.

The Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that the diplomats discussed the future of Uzbek-Kyrgyz cooperation, the greatest level of execution of previously established agreements, and the calendar of planned meetings.

The expansion of inter-parliamentary connections between the two nations and preserving contacts between the foreign ministries were discussed.

The economic and commerce aspects of their joint collaboration were emphasized. It was emphasized the significance of adopting coordinated action to further boost trade volume, carry out investment projects, and encourage the expansion of direct linkages between commercial organizations and regions.

Early Retirement Pensions canceled

According to Social Fund Chairman Baktiyar Aliev, the Social Fund intends to abolish early pension.

According to him, a number of actions are planned as part of the pension system reform.

The minimum pensionable service will increase from five years in 2023 to twenty years in 2038.

Pensions for early retirement will be canceled, he declared.

Currently, citizens with pensionable service that is 15 years or more above the minimum required for pension eligibility—60 years for men and 55 years for women—are eligible for early retirement.

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