Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan Presidents Hold a Historic Meeting


Serdar Berdymukhamedov made a state visit to Kazakhstan, and President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev greeted him, noting the historic nature of the trip in the bilateral collaboration between the two nations, according to the presidential press office, The Astana Times reported.

To attend the conference of the leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Central Asia-Russia meeting, Berdymukhamedov arrived on a state visit on October 14. He had a private meeting with President Tokayev on October 15.

As the two nations commemorate 30 years since the start of diplomatic relations between them, Tokayev welcomed Berdymukhamedov and the Turkmen delegation and said that Kazakhstan sees potential in strengthening the centuries-old friendship and good neighbor ties between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

The presidents decided to enhance their bilateral commerce by up to $1 billion during the talks. Trade volume more than doubled to reach $250 million US last year.

Tokayev stated that there is great potential for the two nations to expand their commercial and economic ties, and that Kazakhstan can raise exports to Turkmenistan in 80 commodity categories.

Following the signing of a deal for the import of Turkmen gas by Kazakhstan’s QazaqGaz and Turkmengaz, cooperation in the gas industry is expanding as well.

Tokayev also stated that Kazakhstan was prepared to work with Turkmenistan to achieve big energy initiatives, share experiences, and create projects for gas chemistry and processing.

In addition, he discussed plans to build a grain terminal on the Turkmen-Afghan border and the prospects for Kazakh wheat exports to the Turkmen market.

The leaders also talked about building a road from Turkmenbashi to Garabogaz and the Kazakh border, as well as improving relations between the seaports of Aktau, Kuryk, and Turkmenbashi.

Tokayev stated that relations on a cultural and humanitarian level are “growing as anticipated.”

According to Berdymukhamedov, his visit to Kazakhstan represents a turning point in the two nations’ ties.

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