Kyiv Media Spread Lies About Cross-Border Shooting, Belarus Argues

After several Ukrainian media alleged that a cross-border shooting happened at the border with Ukraine on Saturday, the Belarusian border agency warned on Sunday that Kyiv media had been spreading disinformation.

Belarus State Border Committee spokesperson Anton Bychkovsky said that several internet sources have referenced Ukrainian media in reporting on an alleged shooting on the Belarus-Ukraine border that allegedly left a Ukrainian soldier dead.

Bychkovsky said that there were no incidents involving firearms and that border guards did not open fire, stressing that the information spread by Ukrainian extremists is far from reality.

In a separate instance, the chief of the information and analysis department at the general staff of the Belarusian armed forces, Artyom Butorin, told state news channel STV on Sunday that Belarus would revise its defense posture to designate as a national security risk organizations calling for war in Belarus.

According to Butorin, Minsk will make a transition from the security risk concept as a combination of factors to a more nuanced approach that includes traitors, saboteurs, and terrorist organizations promoting civil war in Belarus.

Also on Sunday, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on another raising issue in the country following fake leaks concerning Belarus’ alleged absorption by Russia by 2030 and Moscow’s strategy towards Belarus.

Stressing that those rumors represent no reason for concern, Lukashenko described them as yet another try to split the neighboring allies one more time, noting that Russia’s strategy concerning Belarus is focused on living like brothers, in peace and friendship.

He underscored that Belarus is an independent and sovereign state, adding that Russian president Vladimir Putin understands all these matters in exactly the same way although he did not rule out the possibility that such a document about alleged absorption could have existed a few years ago when the formation of Union State programs – also known as integration roadmaps- was being discussed.

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